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Let’s talk about 2013…

"2013 was the year of heartbreak, boybands and eyebrows"-Nicole Kazan(www.twitter.com/nicolelovesutoo)

Yes. Yes, my dear Nicole. That is true. And that changes… Starting today.

I know that our generation can be rather cynical… “my new years resolution is stupid! I’ll never stick to it!”. Ok. Let’s forget the resolutions. Let’s forget the usual, “I’ll work out more!” “I’ll eat healthy!” “I’ll stop biting my nails!” “I’ll stop drinking soda!” “I’ll stop cursing!”… While it isn’t impossible to stick to those things, it’s whatever. WHATEVER. I say we stick to the REAL resolutions. I’ve compiled a list of a couple things I think we should quit doing in 2014.

1.) Let’s stop Facebook stalking our exes. 

While this sounds impossible, it doesn’t have to be. Here’s a crazy suggestion… UNFRIEND THEM. Unfriending doesn’t need to be an act of war. It doesn’t need to be a hostile action. It’s sometimes simply a mental health act. What’s the point of checking their timelines repeatedly to see if they’ve met someone new? Or if they were tagged in a picture with a pretty girl/hot guy? How does that help you? Here’s the truth. They WILL meet someone else. They WILL find someone. And you WILL survive. You will get through it… Because YOU will find someone else. I know I talk about this a lot, but it’s because I truly, truly believe it. Whoever is meant to be in your life WILL be in your life. Everything happens for a reason… Even heartwrenching breakups. Trust me, I am guilty of stalking my ex’s twitter page… Seeing every time he tweets a girl was terrible for awhile. But, eventually, I got over it. You will too.

2.) Let’s stop being so hard on ourselves.

Seriously guys. I am all for self deprecating humor, but LET’S CALM DOWN. Sure. We are young and impressionable and a little naive and maybe a little dumb and weird. But what’s wrong with that? We’re YOUNG. We don’t need to constantly beat ourselves up for all of our shortcomings. We will mess up, we will learn from it, and we will eventually pull ourselves together. 

3.) Let’s stop settling.

Settling for anything, but especially people. Don’t settle for someone who KINDA wants a relationship with you but KINDA doesn’t. You deserve to have someone who WANTS to be with you. And if they don’t, who cares? Move on. You don’t need anyone in your life who doesn’t want to be there… Because, I promise there will be plenty who do.

Let’s make this the year the year where we have fun. Let’s start over and not be so self conscious. Let’s go out with our friends, meet people, fall in love, go crazy, go hard, and not only pay attention to the negatives. Don’t indirect tweet your ex, just call him/her if you wanna tell the they’re bothering you… Jk, I love indirecting too much to give it up… Can’t change too much at once.

leave the jerks in 2013.



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